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Bank Audi / Odeabank

Building a bank digitally from scratch

Bank Audi OmniChannel

Odeabank was established in 2012 as a subsidiary Bank Audi Group, a Lebanon based regional finance powerhouse with operations in 11 countries, and it has quickly become one of the greatest success stories in the Turkish banking sector. Venturing into the sector as the 49th player in the country, the Bank has managed to rank among the top ten banks, having achieved an elevenfold increase in asset size in just four years.

Bank Audi / Odeabank have entrusted us with creating an omni-channel banking UX/UI strategy and building the banks' digital assets from scratch.

Direct Banking Channels

Our goal was not only to create the best user experience possible, but also to unify that experience across all channels with the additional condition of using native device components to the fullest extent possible.

The technology they were looking for also had to be completely flexible and able to work with any core banking infrastructure easily via services.

The solution they found was the unique combination of our True Omni-Channel™ Banking Platform and our unique mobile UX/UI and development capabilities.

The result has been a true success and a quick winner with the bank’s customers. The project was recognised as a finalist in two categories at the BAI-Infosys Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards and also crowned as the Best Mobile Banking Application by the Global Banking & Finance Review Awards.

    Banking Gamification


    Odeabank’s mobile applications include an integrated gamification module which enables bank to increase customer engagement and loyalty by easily adding game mechanics such as points, badges, levels and leaderboards into direct banking channels.

    The gamification module runs on daily updated core banking data and allows for definition of tasks with a rich set of parameters:

    • Type of banking transactions such as Money Transfer, Bill Payment, Credit Card Payment etc.
    • Amount or the value of the transaction (e.g. transfers over $1.000)
    • Time intervals (e.g. bill payments done in a month)
    • Competition (e.g. first 10 achievers win)
    • Channel (e.g. only iPhone or Android users win)
    • Non-banking actions (actions that depend on user engagement such as sharing on social media, installing the app’s new versions, logging in etc.)
      Bank Audi

      Adoption by Bank Audi

      The success of Odeabank’s direct banking applications led to the adoption of our mobile banking solution by its parent company Bank Audi.

      We created the bank's new mobile and wearable banking applications and continuing to support them in Lebanon and currently building the new mobile application for the bank's operations in Egypt.


        Full Set of Digital Assets

        Since 2012, Odeabank has also entrusted us with the creation and support of their

        • Bank Web Site: Built on MS SharePoint, the responsive web site of the bank serves over a million customers.
        • Intranet: Built on MS SharePoint, the Intranet contains over 40 workflows that is used everyday by the banks' 1,000+ employees.
        • Branch Digitisation: We built all digital signage as well as the self-service kiosks at the bank's branches