Visual Design

Compelling visual design

Our creative team excel at bringing your brand to life with compelling visual design. This could be anything from the logo, photography, advertising, iconography, typography, colour palette, stationery, brand booklet or the full colour designs as part of our user experience design process.

Regardless, we always design with a purpose and the intended audience in mind. Dependent on the client needs, we can guide you with all of these, or if you would prefer, just some. For example, you might have a logo and need assistance with a new colour palette and a new website. Or you might have an established logo but like a brand booklet to give to employees and general audience members to bring your brand to life. We pride ourselves on our process and will work with you to ensure you have a clear cohesive brand, that tells your story and makes your company appeal to your users.


We will work with you to bring your brand to life, and create the right tone and image for your brand. We can create a suitable logo and typeface/s that define your brand and appeal to your users.

Conceptual Design

Whether you need some advertising or a new website, we will hitting the ground running with research, and moodboarding, to present to you some quick, varied mock ups. 


Style Guides

We a passionate about creating slick style guides and visual inventories so your brand and website is pixel perfect.  

What to expect

During the process we aim to involve the client as much as possible, so that their vision is aligned with ours. We take great pride in what we do and are a seriously creative bunch - so be prepared for meetings in a jungle room, outside, standing up or in a coffee shop, inspiration is important to us!

We offer both print and digital services, and are happy to maintain these for you for on an ongoing and regular basis.