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Mortgage Digital Transformation

A practical approach to mortgage digital transformation for incumbents


The mortgage process is ripe for disruption

Customer expectations are evolving, the speed of technology changes is increasing and the barriers to entry for new challengers are getting lower. Incumbents are grappling with seismic shifts in customer behaviour, technology and organisational processes and culture.

If handled right, those incumbents that embrace change could reach mortgage ‘utopia’ in the next few years. Automation could tackle the ‘heavy lifting’ of the labour-intensive parts of the mortgage journey, leading to faster application, offer and completion times, bigger profit margins and happier customers.

But how do we get there? In this book you’ll find interviews with a wide range of innovators and thought leaders in the space, sharing their thinking on the future. In the second half of the book we detail the ten ‘plays’ that could form the engine of your digital transformation. These include processes, techniques and technologies that are based on research, interviews and our own experience as an innovation consultancy at Dock9.

It is our hope that the insights and practical ‘plays’ shared in this book act as a spark for thoughts, and actions, that help make your organisation fitter for tomorrow, and ready for the next generation of customers.

Price: £199 (including P&P)
Pages: 144
ISBN: ISBN 978-1-5272-4873-1

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Mortgage Digital Transformation Playbook