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What is it like to do Work Experience at a Digital Agency?

Laura Martin
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It's that time of year when lots of students are heading out for a taste of the working world. Here at Dock9 we like to do our bit to support new talent and so we were happy to have Rebecca join us for a couple of days, here are her thoughts on her time here:

"Hello, my name is Rebecca, I am in year 12 studying Media studies, Physical Education and Business Studies for my A levels which I will take in a year's time. During the end of year 12 we have a work experience week where we organise to work in a place which could potentially be where we would like to work after we finish education. I have never been 100% sure about what industry I would like to go into, but when I found out about Dock9 I was very interested about how they think outside of the box and are creative with their designs. Therefore I chose to spend the last two days of my week having work experience with Dock9 which is a London based digital agency. They design, build and optimise websites and digital experiences. They also concentrate on fulfilling the users' and business's needs to deliver the best results possible.

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Thursday the 29th of June was my first day having work experience with Dock9. I got there around 9:00am after having a hour journey getting the train and travelling on the tube for the first time on my own, which was an interesting experience. But after getting off the tube it was very easy to walk to Dock9's location from the station. When I got there I was warmly welcomed by the whole team. As soon as I walked in my eyes were drawn to the green carpet which literally looks like grass and also the walls. I found the walls probably most interesting because the back wall is dedicated to allowing people to plan out their ideas, I found this intriguing as it allows people to fully express their ideas which I think would be very beneficial. Judit, who is one of the user experience designers, then helped my find my desk and explained to me a little bit about what Dock9 is all about. While Judit was talking about Dock9 I got a sense of how the whole team is passionate about their jobs and getting the best possible outcome for the customers. Then once I had been settled in to where I was sitting and where everything is, Livia, who is also a user experience designer, then took me to one of the separate rooms and gave me an informative introduction about what a user experience designer does and what my tasks would be over the next two days. Before that introduction I did not know a lot about what a user experience designer does however Livia explained very clearly with some funny videos and pictures what the job entails. I found out about the elements of UX and how you have to got through a lot of stages to get to the final product which put into perspective how much work goes into one project. I found this just made me more interested about what my tasks would be and how they would challenge me. Livia then explained what her current project is and how I would be helping her with it. I was tasked with creating a wire framing of a events calendar, however before creating it I had to research other competitors and research techniques that other websites use to get ideas. This then took me the rest of the day to do as I wanted to do a lot of research as before then I had not really paid that much attention to calendars so it was a new experience.

Then on the 30th of July I was a little bit more confident getting to the location. When I got there I was warmly welcomed again with smiling faces. Straight away I sat at my desk and carried on with the work I was doing the day before. I then had the opportunity to try out doing usability testing. This is where you show your wireframing to a user and get their opinion on it. I found this a fun experience as Livia let me create the questions to ask and I then questioned two members of the team on my calendar design. This was very useful as I got to find out first hand feedback about my designs and how I could develop them further to enhance the user experience. After the usability testing I then developed my design further and concentrated on the little details. Overall my work experience at Dock9 has been excellent. I was welcomed and treated very kindly by everyone which made me enjoy my experience even more. Also while I was doing my work experience I leaned new skills which I would never have learned in a classroom. I also found the working environment was a friendly and relaxed. I wish Dock9 the best of luck in the future and hope they carry on being very successful."

We were certainly pleased to have Rebecca join our team, if only for a short time, it's always good to get some new energy in the office!

Laura Martin
Laura Martin is Event Manager at Dock9, having previously worked in the financial sector for 15 years including at the Bank of England, Northern Trust and BNP Paribas