InsTech London: Product Innovation Driving New Insurance Solutions.

Author Judit Toth
  • Date April 27, 2018
  • Reading Time 3 minutes

On 23rd April we attended the latest Instech London event at the Steelyard. Insurance is rarely seen as a contract that enables people to take risk and it is not exactly known to give you more freedom. It’s quite the opposite, we take out insurance because we have to.

Arch Insurance choose Dock9

Author Mark Lusted
  • Date February 20, 2018
  • Reading Time 1 minute

We are pleased to announce Arch Insurance has chosen Dock9 as a User Experience (UX) partner to deliver a cutting-edge new broker portal in 2018. Arch is a global insurer, providing specialty risk solutions to clients worldwide across a wide range of industries. They operate from offices in the UK, Australia and South Africa.