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Notes and Pictures from Dock9's Mortgage UX Event (12th July 2017)

Laura Martin
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On 12th July 2017 we held our latest Mortgage UX event in partnership with Sitefinity at Brand Exchange in London. We had speakers from Trussle and Vida Homeloans as well as our own MD Mark Lusted introducing the key findings from our latest Mortgage UX report.

Fred Seale from Trussle gave some interesting insights into the Trussle rebrand, discussing current trends in photography, typography and use of colour. With people becoming more savvy at spotting stock photography and devices able to show better images this presents great opportunities for designers.

Following the rebrand they looked at improving the UX using (very) guerilla testing at a local cafe and initial paper prototyping which was a new concept for some in the room. They also involve staff from across different departments in the design process, as 'great ideas can come from anywhere'. Trussle also uses the Build, Measure, Learn cycle in their design process and wherever you start in the loop it keeps feeding back and you keep iterating.

Next up was Ian Giles, Director of Marketing at Vida Homeloans. He discussed the decisions made when launching a new challenger mortgage lender, such as whether to use internal or external systems and looking at the importance and differentiation to help make those decisions.

UX and user testing was an integral part of differentiating Vida from other lenders and they used a method of building a relationship with a small number of brokers to get in-depth quality feedback. Ian said he was surprised that the lab testing part only took a couple of weeks and then armed with this information they could create something tailored to their target audience. They also use Hotjar to track user actions to help develop the UX more quickly. A key point after all these changes was to let users know what had changed as a result of their feedback so that they were aware their opinions had been taken into account.

After the talks some tough questions came from our audience such as 'How do you differentiate yourself from any other broker?' (to Fred) and 'How do you turn high website traffic into actual sales?' (to Ian).

There was also some interesting chats over drinks and platters afterwards and it was excellent to have such great attendance - and great attendees! A big thank you to all of you who came - some from pretty far away - and if you would like to be at the next event then let us know at

With the videos currently in the editing suite, here are some of the photos...

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Laura Martin
Laura Martin is Event Manager at Dock9, having previously worked in the financial sector for 15 years including at the Bank of England, Northern Trust and BNP Paribas