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MFG Conference: Innovations in the mortgage market

Henrietta Curtis
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More than 120 professionals came to share their visions on how technological innovations will reshape the mortgage industry in the future and significantly improve the overall user-experience of lenders, brokers and - most importantly  - customers.

A panel of passionate speakers took the stage to express their visions and share their enthusiasm and insights. We will be looking in detail at 4 of the topics and speakers in this article.


Mark Lusted, Dock9 - AI & Chatbots: Beyond The Hype

Mortgage lenders and brokers have been grappling with ways to unlock the power of AI and chatbot technology. How can companies use technology to deliver better user-experience and deliver efficiency gains?

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Lauren Tombs, HM Land Registry

How can innovative approaches to data and technology revolutionise the home buying process?

HM Land Registry is working hard on revolutionising the home buying process. Lauren introduced the Digital Street project where they are tackling challenges of buying/selling land and property. 3 proof of concepts have been developed to improve this process: Property Adviser, Instant Mortgage and the Transaction.

Will land registration and conveyancing happen at the tap of a screen is not the question anymore. The question is ‘when will this happen?’

HM Land Registry is keen to engage with all technology providers and organise virtual, physical meetups, workshops, hackathons and showcases.

Paul Broadhead - Head of Mortgage Policy, Building Societies Association

Modern Methods of Construction and Beyond

There are certainly opportunities in improving the mortgage process and funding methods and BSA is approaching it from a different angle. It’s no secret that house prices are up and Millenials are not expected to be a generation of homeowners. Paul shocked the audience when he said that the UK is ranked 25th in Europe on the list of owner-occupiers. For 25- to 34-year-olds earning between £22,200 and £30,600 per year, home ownership fell to just 27% in 2016 from 65% two decades ago.

Well designed, high quality and affordable homes utilising offsite construction methods can be the way to meet the ever increasing UK housing demand and soothe the housing crisis.

Martijn van der Heijden - Chief Strategy Officer, Habito

How technology is transforming the customer experience?

Regarding how people are considering the way they are using and leveraging technology to make their daily life easier, and considering the technologies available in the mortgage industry  - robot advice, software services for brokers to use tech to find resources and make communication with the customer easier - there is certainly a place for innovation.

If all the players in the mortgage industry are embracing technology and are working together, the customer experience can be drastically improved.

From his perspective, technology will add value across the value chain by improving quality,  giving customers access to new products and offer better pricing. Creating a shareable database would be a significant step forward for the whole industry, rather than sending documents separately.



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Pictures by Judit Toth
Henrietta Curtis

Henrietta is Marketing Manager at Dock9