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Interview with Vince Sammon, Founder and CEO of Ladder & Sammon Mortgages

Mark Lusted
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2 minutes

In this episode we are joined by Vince Sammon, Founder and CEO of Ladder Mortgages & Sammon Mortgages to discuss mortgage digital transformation from a broker’s perspective. .

Mark Lusted
Mark Lusted
Mark is the CEO of MagiClick UK. His mission is to help financial service companies create digital products and services that give them a competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded market.
He shapes the company's strategic approach to clients, and is actively involved with senior client stakeholders in project planning and strategy phases. He is also focused on understanding the emerging and future technology developments that offer competitive threats and opportunities for incumbent financial services clients.
Having previously been included in the BIMA list of the top 100 most influential people in UK digital (the BIMA Hot 100) he is also a regular speaker at Fintech events on the subjects of financial technology, user experience (UX) and emerging technology trends.