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Instech Innovations: Speeding up property claims using drones

Laura Martin
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We are always interested to see technology used to genuinely improve customer experience in the insurance sector.

Insurtech start-up, Betterview, has introduced a package to allow drones to carry out property inspections for insurers. They are one of the leading software platforms and service providers for capturing and analyzing data from drones and has over 4,500 drone operators.

Their goal is to speed up the claims process and allow customers to return to everyday life as soon as possible.

Betterview, founded in 2014 by David Lyman and David Tobias, provides an out of the box package allowing inspectors, risk engineers and claims adjustors to easily inspect properties.

The kit provides FAA Part 107 Certification Training, a Tablet and Drone Service Kit, Software for Workflow & Data Management, Artificial Intelligence Image Analysis & Professional Reporting Tools, 3D Maps and more. All of which can only help speed up the claims process which is usually the trickiest part of any insurance customer journey.

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Laura Martin
Laura Martin is Event Manager at Dock9, having previously worked in the financial sector for 15 years including at the Bank of England, Northern Trust and BNP Paribas