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Dock9: The Next Chapter

Mark Lusted
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A new chapter

We are delighted today to reveal our new brand and announce our upcoming move to larger offices in the heart of the City, signifying the start of the next chapter in Dock9’s journey.

I founded Dock9 in 2008 with the mission to create simple financial experiences for a new generation of customers. Over the past 11 years we have built next-generation digital products for visionary financial services brands, helping them innovate and hit back at the startups. The move into our new offices and our rebrand represent the opening of a new chapter for the company, and our ambition to cement our reputation as one of the leading digital transformation agencies in the financial services sector.

Why rebrand?

Our previous brand identity launched in 2009 and over the last year it became clear we were long overdue a refresh. We used this as an opportunity to reflect on our progression and ask ourselves again: what is Dock9 about today?

Six of the key points for our updated company manifesto are below:

  • We advance the way people experience financial services; to know and act, make, have and achieve clear goals.
  • We remind clients of the future (not the past), to think positively but be prepared for change.
  • We always act with humility while being tenacious, driven to learn and do things better.
  • We are future-focussed change-makers, playing an important part in making tomorrow better than today.
  • We help businesses build empathy with customers, motivating them to deliver extraordinary experiences.
  • We’re never just a supplier. Collaboration comes naturally to us and building relationships is critical to our mission.

Our goal was to create a new identity that reflected the agency we’ve grown into, at the forefront of transforming how customers experience financial services.

New identity

Our new logo icon represents a radical departure from the past. 

Dock9 Logo Icon

The hexagon outer shape manifests the solidity of traditional financial services. The inner movement symbolises us enabling the industry to drive forward; to look beyond traditional business models and rethink financial digital experiences.

Our new logo typeface and various lockups are shown below:

Dock9 Logos

We have been busy bringing the new brand to life in preparation for our relaunch, from our new website through to upcoming publications and branded merchandise. 

Dock9 agency

Dock9 Poster

Our new agency creds document is also available for download below.

New office

Alongside our new brand we are pleased to also announce our upcoming move to a new, larger office at 65 Leadenhall St, in the heart of the City of London.

Dock9 Office

While less than five minutes walk from our current home, our new Leadenhall St office represents a major step forward for Dock9. In addition to giving us the space to fulfil our ambitious growth plans for the next few years it will also afford our clients new co-working facilities in a creative, collaborative environment.

What's next?

In addition to launching our new website, showreel and creds today, you'll see more of the brand roll out in the coming months. This will include events, reports and of course our new office.

I wanted to close with a big thank you to all those involved over the last few months bringing this all together, it's been a real team effort. An exciting year ahead!

Mark Lusted
Mark Lusted
Mark founded Dock9 in 2008. His mission is to help financial service companies create digital products and services that give them a competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded market.
He shapes Dock9's strategic approach to clients, and is actively involved with senior client stakeholders in project planning and strategy phases. He is also focused on understanding the emerging and future technology developments that offer competitive threats and opportunities for incumbent financial services clients.
Having previously been included in the BIMA list of the top 100 most influential people in UK digital (the BIMA Hot 100) he is also a regular speaker at Fintech events on the subjects of financial technology, user experience (UX) and emerging technology trends.