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Dear Father U-Xmas...

Laura Martin
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It's officially that month of the year where people lose things; their sense of style, any kind of self-restraint and all of the credit in their bank account.

While the children of Dock9 are busy writing/dictating their letters to the big jolly guy up North we thought we'd let our UX team join in the fun and tell us, instead of socks or a basket of soaps, what they'd really like from Father U-Xmas... Who knows it could be a clue of what to get the techie in your life!

Haley Gould, Creative Lead

20 years of apple design hardcover book 9  
This would be ideal for my coffee table at home. I love visual books that encompass history plus design!
apple book

OR .... 

Shotgun, my very own Microsoft Service Studio 
I never thought I would see the day, but I would officially cheat on Apple. If you haven't seen the video, the pc is any designers dream come true. I'm infatuated by the extra bendy monitor and can't wait to get all artsy on the screen with the surface pen.

Livia Thimotheo, UX Designer

All I want for Christmas is PlayStation VR...
VR virtual reality psvr headset

(Guessing that one is probably on a LOT of lists this year)

Judit Toth, Junior UX Designer and our in-house photographer

Sigma, 35 mm lens. Simply because it is a shame that I don’t already have one.

The second one is a backpack, for a laptop and a camera with accessories. It is new on the market (I think) and I still can’t decide whether it’s really nice or very ugly but really new.
backpack manfrotto

Otherwise I would be happy with an Ipad pro and a pen to do digital sketching…

Jason McCarthy, Lead UX Designer

A reduced number of sleepless nights. Failing that; 

Never stop learning because life never stops teaching, so count me in for a Treehouse Tech degree subscription (


I’ll go for a Phantom 4 Drone, because, erm, who wouldn’t want to go fly a drone around? (

Santa always ignores my lavish requests though, so I’ve got socks, Lynx and some Toffifee’s to look forward to… (My mum has bought these for me since I can remember, I’m convinced it’s an ongoing joke - true story)

So there you have it, somewhere between an Apple history book and Toffifee lies true happiness for our UX team!

If you'd like Father U-Xmas to grant you a free review of your company's website then you're in luck, drop us a line at (with the subject 'Father U-Xmas I'm on the nice list, honestly') and one of our elves will get back to you. 

Merry U-Xmas to all and to all a good site!

Laura Martin
Laura Martin is Event Manager at Dock9, having previously worked in the financial sector for 15 years including at the Bank of England, Northern Trust and BNP Paribas