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How can blockchain improve the mortgage process?

Alice Sauvage
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Over the past year Dock9 has been working on “proof of concept” blockchain projects for our clients and also investing our internal lab time in experimental projects. Our most recent project looked to answer the question: is there genuine utility in this technology, in the here and now, for mortgage lenders?

This video gives first an overview of the Blockchain technology and then Mark Lusted, MD at Dock9, shares his views on how it could be applied to the mortgage process.

If you're interested in using new technology to enhance your process speak to us at or call us on 020 7977 9230.

Alice Sauvage

Alice is Marketing Manager at Dock9. After 8 years experience working in the marketing department of a big pharmaceutical company in France, Alice moved to London and took up the challenge to increase the Dock9 brand awareness. Working in an agency where 'Reliable', 'Knowledgeable' and 'Fun' are the 3 words used by clients to describe their experience makes her proud every day.