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Mortgage UX 2017


80 pages.


In this report Dock9 takes the pulse of current mortgage user experience (UX) and also identifies key upcoming innovations that could shape the future.


Our team has undertaken detailed research, including real-user testing, of high street and specialist lenders. We use this to keep our clients at the forefront of best practice and believe that sharing this will bene t the wider mortgage sector so that we can all move forward together.


The report focusses first on the online experience for Mortgage Intermediaries before moving on to the Mortgage Customer experience. In our research we observed a wide variance in the content and services offered to direct customers between High Street lenders and Specialist lenders.


As the latter are often solely focussed on distributing via mortgage brokers they naturally have less focus on the Mortgage Customer experience. Given this we split the results of the Mortgage Customer user journeys between High Street Lenders and Specialist Lenders.


We then look at key trends and innovations and explore the question: “What will the future of mortgage user experience look like?” This includes leveraging connected devices and robo-advice.


Finally we finish the report with an interview with Michael Aldridge, Innovation Director at L&C Mortgages to discuss digital transformation from the broker perspective. 

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