Dock9 builds new web platforms for The Northview Group

Author Mark Lusted
  • Date January 26, 2016
  • Reading Time 1 minute

As has been reported in FT Adviser, Kensington Group has re-branded as The Northview Group. We were challenged to build a new intranet and website for the group in a short project with a business-critical deadline.

Report: Insurance UX Best Practice for 2016

Author Laura Martin
  • Date December 08, 2015
  • Reading Time 3 minutes

Our UX Team has used our heuristic review process to review all 12 companies. Using this process, we ensured that all reviews are consistent as possible. The review was divided into 4 key areas.

A Guide to Usability Testing

Author Laura Martin
  • Date October 01, 2015
  • Reading Time 3 minutes

We have recently covered Heuristic Review v Usability Testing and A Guide to Heuristic Reviews. For the final related blog post, we’ll cover what exactly Usability Testing is and why it is so important to do.

How HTTP/2 Will Affect Websites

Author Laura Martin
  • Date September 25, 2015
  • Reading Time 3 minutes

The HTTP protocol has remained largely unchanged since 1999. A new standard has been launched that is set to change the way websites function and how users interact with content.