HM Land Registry to offer digital signatures

Author Laura Martin
  • Date September 08, 2017
  • Reading Time 2 minutes

We’ve written extensively on the latest developments in Mortgage UX and how this can help with the wider ‘Proptech’ revolution.

In a key development in digitising the overall house purchase experience, HM Land Registry have announced an upcoming new service that will allow customers to sign their property deed online.

Borrowers using the ‘Sign Your Mortgage Deed’ service will no longer need to sign a physical document and can digitally sign the deed online without needing their signature to be witnessed. The service is in final testing stage with the aim to “have completed the first fully digital remortgage deed later this year”.

As part of the project they have been working with Government Digital Service (GDS) to provide an identity assurance service. Using GOV.UK Verify allows the verification of the user’s identity, protecting against identity theft and mortgage fraud. Once the user has set up a Verify account to prove their identity they are sent a security code via text message. This code is then used to confirm they are the person signing the deed. This process takes around 15 minutes to complete but due to the high values involved this has not put off many users.

As a digital agency working with many mortgage lenders and brokers we were excited to hear that HM Land Registry are committed to aiding the Proptech revolution.