Dock9 BBQ 2017

Author Laura Martin
  • Date July 10, 2017
  • Reading Time 2 minutes

Here at Dock9 we work hard but we also play hard and to that end we all had a trip to the Kent countryside on Friday to attend the first Dock9 BBQ event!

There were games to play, prizes to be won and the trophies handed out for the inaugural Dock9 Awards...

A great day was had by everyone and thankfully the sunshine we booked arrived as planned ;-) If you'd like to immerse yourself in the full experience check out the pictures below and listen to our awesome playlist on Spotify.

Bouncy castleSummerBarbecueGardenBaby boyDSC_1105-minSummer partyDSC_1096-minDSC_1100-minjengaBouncy castleDSC_1087-minDSC_1079-minBarbecueDSC_1074-minDSC_1059-minDSC_1049-minDSC_1041-minDSC_1044-minDSC_1063-minDSC_1043-minDSC_1047-minDSC_1037-minDSC_1036-minDSC_1029-minDSC_1023-minDSC_1019-minDSC_1028-minDSC_1018-minDSC_1016-minDSC_1005-minDSC_1026-minCelebration cake