Brolly Logo Design - Dock9's entry

Author Laura Martin
  • Date March 06, 2017
  • Reading Time 3 minutes

Last week our Creative Lead at Dock9, Haley, took some time out from her day to day work, to help out Fintech start up, Brolly with their new logo design that they are currently crowdsourcing. 


  • Logo needs to be changed (read why here)
  • Logo can’t resemble an umbrella (hence the hashtag, #noumbrellas) or anything similar to another insurance company on the market

Below: Travellers disputed the Brolly logo

Current Brolly app logo / design


New Logo Goals:

Must symbolise Brolly:

  • Personable / Fun / informal (hence the name “brolly” and URL:
  • Understanding
  • Speedy
  • Easy
  • Smooth and seamless
  • Simple
  • Always on your side

And what Brolly do:

  • All in one Insurance
  • Personal Insurance
  • All aspects of insurance - shopping, storage, advisory/support


Just like any logo design process Haley scanned the market to get the feel for how logos in this sector look/feel - and to see if there are certain trends / styles she could pick up on.


Above: Cuvva - competitor to Brolly. 

She also wrote down all the connotations of the word brolly, here are some that came to mind: Informal, slang, shield, rain, cover, wind, weather, protection, protect, look after, emergency, support, plastic, material, layer, wrap up, put up, eject, open, safe, safety


This is when we put pen to paper, and scribble, sketch, every idea that comes to mind! At this stage, all designs are considered, it’s about exploring all options.


Design Development








Design rationale:

  • The outcome is a hand drawn illustrated type piece for the logo name, to showcase the fun, warm, informal and “personal” ethos of the brand. 
  • There are exaggerated letter forms so that parts of the letters “cover” other letters, for example, the flipped B, so that the big curve protects the smaller curve. Reinforcing the key brand themes “protection” and “cover”.
  • The thick outline around the type in the primary pink symbolises the protection, reliable support and the “all in one” insurance service Brolly provides.
  • The logo can be shortened to just a “b” with the rain drops. It is adaptable and can be scaled for different formats.
  • Overall simplicity was one of the key ideas of this logo ie. the logo is type focused, not type and an icon - no need to overkill it, when the type says everything it needs to. We just thought a few drops of rain was all that was necessary.

How it meets the brief/goals:

  • Personal, fun, informal, simple
  • Showcases what Brolly do
  • Scalable for all types of media

It’s always great to help out new, exciting businesses, especially such a fantastic product like Brolly. Fingers crossed they get what they are looking for!